Master Vu

From our school’s structured classes of varied achievement levels, to our staffs dedication to provide supportive and professional instruction, we attract students of every age from 4 to 84

Younger students discover the scope of their physical abilities, while developing a solid foundation for the their emotional growth and maturity.  From our commitment to authentic traditional martial arts education, to our assistance with standard student issues such as school work and social concerns, we are dedicated to the empowerment of our students.  In turn, the skills learned: confidence, respect, self-respect, and self-control help our students to grow as individuals and deal with the many challenges of today.

Master Vu started training at the early age of 4 with his Father who was a 2nd Degree black belt in Taekwondo and a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marines.  At age 8 he began his formal training with Master Dong Soo Kwak in Lewisville Tx.

Now a 5th Degree black Belt with the United Taekwondo Alliance.  Master Vu has over 30 years of Martial Arts experience and over 20 years of working with students of all ages.

He has taught in McKinney since 2000, and opened “ Vu’s Martial Arts” in 2006.