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Master Vu,

Dear Mr. Baker, Coach Robert and Master Vu,
We are writing you all at the same time because we believe it is important that you each know that you have made a difference in the life of a child and we would like for you to know about each other.  The past year we have been fortunate enough to have the perfect ingredients for an outstanding year.  Daniel finished the school year with commended performances on his TAKS tests, a first place soccer trophy and a deputy one black belt.  He was beaming every day.  He loved who he was becoming and we owe this in great part to all of you.

Mr. Baker – You are, quite simply, a phenomenal teacher.  I truly believe you will do ANYTHING you have to do to reach a child.  You have your finger on the pulse of every individual in your classroom and you see what makes each child tick.  I have never seen Daniel want to please anyone more.  You saw what he was capable of and you held him accountable.  I believe the growth in maturity that I saw this year (especially after Christmas) was in large part, because of you.  That is not to mention the academic growth, which is easily measured by his improvement over the course of the year.  I would love nothing more than to have you move to fourth grade with him.  If only…

Coach Robert – You have taught Daniel what it means to work together towards a goal.  He has learned that when his teammates succeed, he succeeds.  He has learned how to win gracefully and how to lose gracefully.  You taught him that the hard work is fun and rewarding and that is what matters the most… that you can be proud of yourself even if the outcome is not a “win”.  You have truly built a TEAM in every sense of the word.  These boys win because they are all for one and one for all.  There is definitely room for showboating and there are definitely stronger players but you manage that in a way that only a great coach could.  Daniel has certainly improved his soccer game over the seasons, but the Jaguars have meant so much more than that.

Master Vu – You have influenced Daniel the longest.  We have been together for over five years, three (or so) times a week.  You are the best at what you do and I think we have been in the community long enough now to say that with confidence.  You are a huge part of our lives and have reinforced many of the traits that we want Daniel to have as a man.  The martial arts have been a gift.  There were days when we watched Daniel and thought, will he ever get there??  Well, we certainly see the clear answer now… YES!!  We could not have been prouder at the tournament when he won that first place trophy in such a large group of black belts.  His last test was inspiring and his attitude toward the craft is one of respect.  It is very important to Daniel that he learn and grow there and I want you to know that all you have “preached” through the years has been supported by Mr. Baker and Coach Robert this past year.  It is every parents’ dream to have this kind of community around their child.

You have all been patient and kind and the results are visible.  Every time Daniel goes to Taekwondo, he says (and hears) these words: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, indomitable spirit, victory, knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart and strength in the body.  Mr. Baker and Coach Robert, you may not say these words every day, as Master Vu does, but you certainly live them and teach them.  You are all three fantastic role models and instructors and words are not enough to express the gratitude we feel for the energy you have invested in our child!

From the bottom of our hearts,
Jeff and Jacquie Collins

Master Vu,

When my oldest son turned 5, I knew he was old enough to participate in sports and extracurricular activities on a regular basis and so I wanted to get him involved in something.  I felt very overwhelmed by the variety of choices that I had.  My husband and I knew that we wanted something that would challenge our son both physically and mentally and put him in an environment where he could thrive with his individual skills.  After speaking with many of people we decided martial arts sounded like the best alternative to meet these goals.  As I started speaking with people about classes in the area, Vu Martial Arts came up in conversation more than any other, so I decided to stop by the school one day after work.  From the moment I walked in the door I immediately felt welcome and engaged.  The parents watching their children participate in class greeted me and started telling me stories about the joy that their children had coming to Vu Martial Arts and how much as parents, they enjoyed Master Vu as an instructor.  After the class was over I was introduced to Master Vu and he took personal time to meet with me, ask me questions about why I was looking into martial arts for my son and most importantly he asked me about my son as an individual.  He asked about what makes him tick, how he responds and what I expected as a parent.  He also took time to let me know about his experience and his love for what he does with his students.  It was obvious this early on that Master Vu truly cares about his students and wants them to succeed and become better individuals.
My son, Jacob, tends to be shy and at his first class he would not leave my lap.  Master Vu took this in stride, just as I have seen him do with many other children since then, and allowed him to join class when he was ready, gently encouraging without pushing.  At his second class, Jacob decided to join in and he hasn’t looked back since.  From his very first day, Jacob was learning focus, concentration and physical challenge all while giggling and smiling, just as I think any child should be.  Master Vu has continued to personalize Jacob’s instruction, just as he does with each student, so they all feel challenged and progress at the pace that is best for them.  I am truly grateful for such a positive influence in my son’s life.  Thank you Master Vu and Ashlea for the personal sacrifices you make to run such a positive, family oriented martial arts school!


Master Vu,

From the moment we stepped into Vu’s Martial Arts we knew Haston was going to love being there. From your humor to your fun-loving but disciplined demeanor Haston felt welcomed. Two years later and he still loves coming to see what else he can learn. You have offered him a sense of belonging. He has grown so much since we started going there. He has gained confidence and courage and I will forever be grateful for that. You are a true blessing to every child that enters your doors. Thank you for all you have done. We would not ever go anywhere else. We are at the best place in the city.

Tracy Habern


Master Vu,

Justin and Daniel, and our entire family are indeed very enjoyed with your class. Your dedication, great teaching techniques, excellent communication skill really draw each student and parent’s heart. We are very blessed to have joined your class. You’ve definitely changed our sons’ lives tremendously. I believe that they can continue to learn and grow each day under your great teaching and positive influence.

Vivian Chan


…I too wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for Joshua. In making him stronger in mind and body and soul. You have made an impact that will last him a lifetime. I love seeing his face when he has earned a new stripe and i love his face when he doesn’t and knows he has to work harder. Your traditional style, gentle toughness with the kids is one of your greatest gifts Bless you and your family this thanksgiving and all year round.

See you next week.

Adrienne Vora and Family


Master Vu,

A year a half ago, I finally decided to find a martial arts program for my kids. Montana and Sam had been asking for years to learn martial arts! I went to several different places looking for just the right one. Other training facilities that we tried, didn’t have the commitment to the traditional values and tenants of the sport. And, I found the instructors were vain, or just weren’t the role models I wanted for my children. When we found your place it just felt right! When we visited your facility, my children were taught how to show respect for the facility and their instructor.

They learned to speak with confidence, and about how the tenants and principles of tae-kwon-do should carry over to their lives outside of class. I wanted you to know that all of my children have gained confidence, especially Sam, who wouldn’t even hardly talk to adults before! My oldest son, Montana, has gained so much. His self image is wonderful, he has gained many friends, and you are helping mold him into the fine young man he is becoming. My youngest Joe, is able to focus better when he needs to. He is joyful and rambunctious, but can become calm and focused now too! Memorizing the forms is difficult for Joe, but he always pulls through, and it is helping him become more centered. All of my children’s motor skills have improved.

They are more aware of where their body’s are in space and time, and they are getting muscles now too! It’s exciting to see how much they have improved, not just with their kicks and stances, but with their push-ups and sit-ups and flexibility! And you know, it was only a couple of weeks, after my kids joined, that my husband and I had to join too! I saw how wonderful the program was, I was excited to get in there myself! My husband, Dan, is diabetic and works behind a desk all day.

Training at Vu’s has been wonderful for his health, and keeps his blood sugar in check. He just feels better now. He can tell a big difference in the way he feels when he misses a class. For me, my life has changed! I trained in Karate when I was younger, and it got into my blood. When my kids joined, I just couldn’t wait to join too! I love to stay physically fit, but I get so bored at the gym, or working out at home. Training with you is never boring! We are always learning something new, and you are continually teaching us how to be better martial artists! And the benefits of tae-kwon-do reach way beyond being physically fit. It is a big stress reliever too! I am much more relaxed and happy with my life in general, now that I can punch and kick and yell at least 3 times a week!

The tenants: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit, and Victory, and the principles: Knowledge in the Mind, Honesty in the Heart, and Strength in the Body are morals that my family lives by! I love the reinforcement of good morals and values that my children get from you 3 and 4 times a week. I take great care in raising my children, and I am very happy and blessed to be able to trust them to you for the last year and a half, and for many years to come! I feel like you are part of our family. You are taking a part in raising my children, and you are a wonderful role model.

Thank you for changing our lives, making us healthier and happier, and for teaching us this ancient art that is so much more than just a sport to us!


Dalana Squires


My son joined Vu’s Martial Arts in McKinney Texas towards the end of his in 4th grade.  He is now about to end his 7th grade school year and will be a Deputy One at the end of this month. After he receives this belt he will only be 2 belts away from a 1st Degree Black Belt.  We visited several North Texas TKD Schools in search of the “right” one. I must admit that I grew a bit Leary during my search.  I was on the brink of convincing my son that he should just stick with another sport.  I found that a lot of the schools around here are more or less a belt factory.  The lessons I wanted my son to learn such as respect, honor, control, etc. did not seem that important in some of the schools that I visited.

When I walked in to Vu’s Martial Arts, I was expecting the same results that I got at most of the other schools, but this was not the case.  Master Vu owns the school and teaches all the classes from little Ninjas all the way up to Adult Black Belts.  His communication skills are unbelievable.  There are 5 year old children memorizing several patterns, listening to direction, respecting each other and kicking higher than I’ll ever be able to kick all while laughing and having a good time. He has the gift to entertain and teach all at the same time.Our Elementary Schools have talent shows, when his students show off their TKD skills Master Vu is there to support them. These kids are on stage breaking boards with their feet at such young ages. They also travel to competitions and 99.9% of the time it is Vu’s students who walk always with the trophies.  His kids are known to have the best form and the best sparing control.

Vu’s Martial Arts is an unbelievable school not only because Master Vu personally trains each and every one of them, but because he does what he loves to do and you can see the passion he has for not only this sport but for his students as well.  This school is run by Master Vu and his amazingly sweet wife, they know every student by name, there brother and sisters names and their parents names and their pets names.  They are the best of the best and truly care about each person that walks thru their door.  They dont run a belt factory; they make you earn your belts.  They teach compassion, discipline, respect, control and perfect technique thru inspiration and motivation.  Words cannot express how grateful I am that I found this school.

DeAnn Witt


We started looking for martial arts schools about 2 years ago so our son could learn self defense. He had been bullied in kindergarten and was so miserable that he was begging us to homeschool him. Within the first year, he went from being afraid and insecure to being so confident in his abilities that now he is the one that stands up for his friends on the playground when necessary. Master Vu has a gift for relating to children, and has been such a positive role model for my son.

Hilary Rance


We put my son in TKD at Vu’s Martial Arts mainly to build confidence and also help with his disability – a weakness on the left side of his body. Over the course of 3 yrs, our son gained confidence to try sports, flexibility, & range of motion – things even dr’s were skeptical of. Vu is the most patient and amazing martial arts teacher. We have become a part of his family, developing friendships with other families over the years. I am so grateful to Vu for helping my son reach his goals.



As mother of 2 boys I was indifferent when my husband insisted our son start Tae Kwon Do at age 4. In retrospect, I was naive. When the boys were discouraged or when we felt they would never “get it”, we encouraged them to persevere. The result is a formerly introverted 9 year old with great skill & a quiet confidence & an extroverted, sometimes distracted 8 year old with developing skill & much improved discipline. Master Vu has become an important role model and influence in our lives!

We found Vu’s martial arts after trying several studio’s in the area. Wow, what a blessing for our family! Master Vu has an incredible amount of patience and joy. You know after watching one class this is his true passion and purpose. Our family could not be more pleased.



Words cannot describe what Vu’s Martial Arts has meant for our son and in turn our family! He has been studying with Master Vu for 18 months and we have watched his self esteem, confidence, strength (both physical and mental) and courage soar to the greatest heights. Because of Vu’s Martial Arts, our son is achieving each goal he sets for himself without fear, on and off the mat. Master Vu teaches his students how to translate the discipline of martial arts to every aspect of their lives!

Our family of five has been at Vu’s Martial Arts for over 3 years. The classes have helped my children with attention spans, following directions, flexibility, self confidence, self defense, and their overall health. We love Master Vu. He makes exercise so much fun! I take classes too and for the first time in my life really enjoy exercise. I also feel like I could defend myself if necessary.

Debbie Harrison